Electronic / Techno

BenMart Dark Sides Vinyl Cover. Electrónica, Techno, House
  • Artist: BenMart
  • Name: Dark Sides
  • Release date: 09-21-2015
  • Genre: Electronic, Techno
  • Promotional use
  • Duration: 7 min

Dark Sides is a rather abstract and dark theme as its name indicates. It begins with a fairly abstract introduction, which is evolving throughout the song, as for example we are also in this other song: Bombo Club.

Thanks to its sounds Dark Sides manages to create a unique and melancholic atmosphere with which to be able to transport us to another place, since its repetitive main melody worked with different instruments next to the sampler of the male voice introduced in some moments makes us emerge our deepest thoughts .

In general it is a theme that I usually put halfway forward in a set or for more linear sessions where the melodies are the main protagonist. I remind you that you can download it completely free by clicking on the yellow button at the top and listen to it at any time and / or use it in one of your sets.

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