My story...


BenMart, Dj and Producer from Madrid, fervent passion for electronic music in all its aspects.He started to play vinyl only 14 years since then has not stopped absorbing influences in styles such as Electro Funk, Disco, Electro-Pop, House, Soulful, Deep, Tech House, Minimal, Techno… which have marked very strongly his vision and style of the day.


BenMart has gone through various clubs and parties in all Spain being present in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Jaén, Ciudad Real… recognized nationally for being one of the finalists of some of the contests of Djs with more relevance and dissemination of the country, being the most representative Burn Residency. Technically proactive in the cabin, where blends speed and the use of different “Tools” in your events (intros, beats, acapellas and other sounds…) help you to make each song generates a new feeling, marking a very well defined as a Dj style.


His concern, coupled with his attraction to new technologies, causes to flourish as a producer. Starts editing bootlegs and remixes that can unleash curiosity, and has been completed to becoming a more part of their musical skills. In their productions we can see that BenMart has a desire to experiment with new sounds and a clear approach to underground trends.


BenMart is currently involved in several projects related to electronic music. On the one hand continues with his career as a Dj, collaborating with several groups promoting “Electronic Culture“. On the other hand developing and cultivating his side as producer, constantly in search of new sounds for the perfect mix. 


Finally with the brand and promoter Head Room, which is a co-founder, with which can thus continue to do parties betting on new and old artists, that they can freely pass his peculiar vision about Electronic Music giving the best of themselves.


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